Personal Exercise Plan

Engaging in a collection of generic, universal workouts that have been around forever actually has benefits. They do work. We stick with them for a long time and they stop working as well as they use to. We camp out on the plateau and claim that this is as high as we’ll get anyway. And then realize that it takes a lot more out of us to just maintain ourselves at the level we’re stuck on. A wild ride in the world of one-dimensional exercise.

Then we get a trainer. Someone who verbs their noun. Someone who is dedicated to take you where you are and bring you to where you’ve never been. Someone who knows you can get there because they were on that plateau a long time ago. And they know the view is overrated.

Having a trainer takes all the pressure off of you to have to push yourself past the threshold you always stop at. You have enough on your mind learning about your body as it changes during and after exercise. A trainer will be there when you’re going to quit. A trainer will be there when you think you can’t do one more. A trainer will show you that struggle is necessary to grow. A trainer doesn’t let you grow alone. And you’ll be shown what it’s like to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Again.


Light Workout Program


Average Workout Program


Heavy Workout Program

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Regular Consultations

In our health coaching program, we examine a change in perspective. What’s the positive intention? There’s always at least one. This will connect you to your future.

Destination re-treat

For ladies only, you will have access to our 3-day immersion session, in person, we will learn, connect, share, train, eat, exercise, and laugh.

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