My name is Jackie, I am a Personal Health Coach

I am a 33 year old single mom, athlete, personal trainer, certified emergency paramedic, devourer of healthy foods, wildlife lover and curator, badass water skier, proficient with a rifle or handgun, and owner of two dogs who won my heart long ago. And  I am a woman who believes in the spirit within other women, big time. I am a softy for anyone who wants to take themselves on in the greatest challenges of their life. I believe in respect. In kindness. In lending a helping hand. 

Early Stages

My friends say I was shot right out of the Grand Canyon. They’re right. Being born and raised on the South Rim puts me in a small group who understand a unique set of some of the principles of life. I am acutely aware of the blessings each of us have within this one life we were given. And like Frost said, “I have no sympathy to waste on shirkers or those who pass the time in idle pleasure.”

What's Next?

Being a mom is one of the many hats I wear, it’s one of my greatest joys and greatest frustrations ever, but being a mom is only part of the equation to who I am. Be assured, my life and journey has had its bumps and breaks. The question was never “would these difficult moments in life happen?” The question has always been, where will you choose from when faced with the greatest challenge of your life?

My Clients – All of us are diverse, but one thing unites us all:  A Passion for Life and a Love for the Woman Tribe

My Experience

Years of Paramedic Experience
Years of Personal Training
Years of Being a Mom
Days it takes to Feel Great Naked


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